Saturday, April 26, 2008

The difference between a scam and a serious mlm company

Do you know how to see the difference between a serious mlm company from a scam? In this video my mentor and good friend Michael Dlouhy will give you an outline what needs to be present for you to be successful. If you want to learn all about this for free please go to Don t let these scam companies steal your money and time. Get educated for free now!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Do YOU have what it takes to become successful in Network Marketing?

I often get this statement from people that I talk to. “Åsa, I do not have what it takes to do this. I don’t like to call people to sell them something who don’t want to hear from me or even worse make presentations to them. I don’t want to ask my friends or family or make any stupid lists. I want to fill my cabinets with stuff that I like and not products I was not able to sell.”

Well, I have good news for you. If you do it right you will not need to call anybody that does not want to talk with you. Nobody in my family or friends is a part of my business. I only tell them if they want to know more about it. For me business is business and family and friends are private life. I don’t need to store a lot of products that are so expensive or low quality that people don’t want to buy them. You know what the best part is? I can teach you how to become successful too. Want to get started right now? Well, download this free ebook and email me your Why and we can start your free education today!

So, is network marketing for everybody?

My answer to that one is: NO! If you believe that if you join a network marketing company and that is all it takes to be rich then you are not going to succeed. There are no get rich quick schemes that work. There are some companies where a few people at the top are getting rich by sucking people in to bad deals presented as a genuine business opportunity (scams). You know that they are scams too in your heart, even though it is always nice to believe the hype.

If you are not ready to put work into you and your own self growth and education then you are not going to be successful. If you are not willing to learn more about people and about the industry then you are not going to succeed either. Network marketing is a people helping people business and not a surf alone, spam, sales or recruiting business.

To be successful in network marketing you need to see it for what it is: Your own small company that you run from home, when you have the time. Have you heard of any small business owner (brick and mortar) that just starts up a company and then sits back, does nothing and gets rich? I do not think so…they work day and night and still most small companies do not make it the first two years.

There is one big thing that makes any small business (brick and mortar) different to a good network marketing company. A good MLM or network marketing company has a payplan that allows you to work PART TIME and still earn decent money without endless recruiting. Also a good network marketing company that you operate from home does not require a massive over head and expense to get started like a brick and mortar business.

And here is another point you must consider when you choose your MLM company. If the payplan is impossible to understand, then it is not the place where you are going to be successful.

The same applys if the policies and procedures (your contract) are never ending in pages and paragraphs of legaleeze. Neither of these situations is an accident.

If you need to buy the products first and then sell them at a higher price to your customers, you will soon discover that you are garage qualified. Garage qualified means that you are filling every storage place and your garage with products that will stand there as a painful reminder of your broken dream.

If you have real support from your upline (a real mentor) and a good training system (true duplication of a system) there will be other people on your team that will help you, and you will be successful in a real team.

If you don’t have a true master mind team and a duplicatable system you are not going to be successful in Network marketing. If you lack these things in your company, for the people on your team that you have sponsored in, you will have to baby sit or nurse maid them through a non system that requires them to duplicate you. What happens when you need a day or two off? Will your team still be there and prosper, when you come back or will your business collapse and disappear while you are gone?

Do you see now that what company you choose and why you choose it is very, very important!

Hype is nothing but a fairy tale. A 5 pillars company is a solid foundation for you to become successful. And still, you need to work to get successful…but now at least you have the tools to become successful.

Download this ebook and talk to me! Let’s build your future dream today!